Mixed development schemes


Following the unconditional acquisition of an industrial brownfield site funded out of equity, three years of risk assessments and the green light from the Massy local authority, this mixed development scheme became a reality in a fast-changing area of the town.

Massy / 91
Total area
28 130 m²
Mixed development schemes
Market value
85 100 000€ / 3 025€ / m²
Investment horizon
5 years
Christian Marina / Eric Lapierre / Lambert et Lénack
Acquisition date
Project delivery

End 2014. Gripped by a crisis that was having a major impact on its business, the CGG Group (a leading provider of geoscience services) decided to sell the land occupied by its former head office. This 250+ m² industrial brownfield site is central to an area of the town that is changing dramatically and very quickly, but where any new project requires dozens of permissions and approvals before it can take shape. But that was no problem for our teams, who pressed ahead to acquire the land unconditionally for €6 million funded out of equity. All that remained then was to convince the local authority of the merits of an initial mixed development scheme that would meet real local needs, including a B&B hotel, student housing and 106 apartments sold on to Vinci. Bingo! Massy says yes! That green light vindicated the three years of work already carried out on assessing the technical, official (changes to the Local Development Plan, planning consent, construction permits, etc.) and commercial risks. So, what happened to the rest of the land? It was sold on to Nexity for the construction of around 100 apartments with a commitment to high-quality architecture and eco-credentials.


Our signature on this project:

A resolute vision driven by the desire to create a multi-use development in central Massy as a starting point for a new community in the making.