An unconditional purchase of a 5,000 m² office building in a residential community on the basis that we could convince the local authority and residents that it was appropriate? Just the kind of challenge our teams love!

Garches / 92
Total area
4 723 m²
Investment horizon
4 years
Camillo Gautreau
Acquisition date
Project delivery

An unconditional acquisition that left us with the challenge of convincing local residents to agree to a new residential development project in an already densely populated community, at the same time as defusing their objections: the year is 2014, and Garches looks for all the world like a minefield for Xavier Alvarez, who nevertheless had no hesitation in unconditionally purchasing a 5,000 m² office block. So, what was the idea? Nothing less than persuading the local authority and residents - who are very attached to their village lifestyle - of the merits of a scheme specifically designed to improve their quality of life and increase the value of neighbouring properties. Six years, many consultations and 120 homes later, our gamble has paid off, and in record time, because work began on site in 2017, just three years after acquiring the occupied building. This successful outcome was made possible by the development of a well-conceived scheme that respects the existing townscape and the immediate environment of its residents.


Our signature on this project: 

Combined with the ability to adapt to every eventuality in a complex local context, it was our strength of conviction that helped to convert former offices into homes that ultimately enhance and add value to the entire district.