2014. Our teams completed the unconditional purchase of a plot in Rueil-Malmaison and managed the process of relocating the company originally based there. Today, the site is home to a private landscaped estate of 300 luxury homes, and the company is rehoused in its new premises!

Rueil-Malmaison / 92
Total area
19 200 m²
Market value
110 000 000€ / 5 729€ / m²
Investment horizon
6 years
Acquisition date
Project delivery
Ateliers 115

A vacant office building in poor condition standing in the way of a housing development ? The €10 million involved made this a risk that no national developer was interested in taking! All of which made it an ideal project for our teams, who completed their unconditional purchase of this plot near Rueil-Malmaison in 2014. That acquisition threw open the doors to a 21,000m2 development of 300 homes in a town where demand is as high as its appeal... which means very high indeed. But before we could transform this space into a private landscaped estate, we had a major problem to solve: relocating a company with 1,600 employees, which could not leave the site without the certainty of being able to relocate to a new home. We turned that problem into an opportunity by purchasing the new premises in which the company is now based. So was it worth the effort? There’s one number that answers that question: €110 million in revenue.


Our signature on this project:

Buying a plot of land to unlock a project and offer upscale housing in a town where demand is high, and in parallel with this multi-option project, the acquisition of a building in which to relocate the former tenant.